AM 2014 Conference - Keynote Speakers

Mr. Ashok Varma, Chairman & CEO – Efesto LLC, USA "Large and Very Large scale Metal 3D Printing utilizing Directed Energy Deposition Technology and Equipment".


Dr.Khalid Abdelghany, Director, CMRDI Egypt, Additive Manufacturing: the digital tools for community development and cultural heritage protection".

Prof. David Ian Wimpenny,Chief Technologist, National Centre for Net Shape & Additive Manufacturing Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, UK "Impact of Additive Manufacturing on the high value manufacturing Sector".

Dr. Suman Das, Director, Direct Digital Manufacturing Laboratory Prof. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA "An Overview of Additive Manufacturing and an Introduction to LAMP™ and SLE™ – Two Emerging Additive Manufacturing Technologies with Disruptive Potential".

Mr. Mike Ford, Sales Director, LPW Technology, UK "Powder Quality and Characterisation Critical to high performance functional components in Additive Manufacturing".

Dr.Rajesh Ranganathan, Associate Professor, Coimbatore Institute of Technology "Additive manufacturing towards core customization in healthcare engineering ".

Dr.Pulak M Pandey, Professor Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, “Biomedical Applications of Additive Manufacturing Technologies”.